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Aeropup USA Kit Info  - -  Easy to build by Novice or Expert Builders

The Aeropup utilizes the most modern engineering to deliver precision high quality parts in every kit.  Composite materials, CNC machined tubing and wood items, rugged steel powder-coated frame provide the rock-solid foundation to a lifetime of reliability and safety while flying in the remote outback or in modern large airports....Safe, Easy to Build...Easy to Fly...Easy on the Budget...the Aeropup is your next airplane!

•    Aircraft Grade Plywood Floor Material
•    Aluminum Leading Edge Skins
•    Aluminum Flaps and Ailerons
•    Aircraft-Grade Plywood Ribs and Rib Caps
•    Molded Fiberglass Wing Tips and Wing Roots
•    Aerodynamic Aluminum Wing Struts
•    Pitot Static System
•    4130 Chromoly Steel Jury Struts
•    Single Control Stick  (Dual Control Sticks a Future Option)
•    Roof-mounted Three Position Flap Handle
•    Steerable Tail Wheel with Two Leaf Springs
•    Control Cables for Flaps and Ailerons

•    Hardware (Aviation Grade Bolts, Rivets, Glue)
•    Complete Builder's Manual

Standard Features with Aeropup Kits:

- Build time is approximately 500 hours depending on experience

- Kit made from readily available aircraft grade Wood, Aluminum alloys and Hardware

- Meets FAA "51% Rule"

- Folding Wings standard with kit

- Parts precision formed with computer controlled equipment

- All Fiberglass components (engine cowling, seats, wingtips) manufactured at factory

- Fuselage is fully welded and painted chromoly steel tubing

- Can be built with standard small shop tools

- Responsive builder support available from Fielden Aero



Intro Price - Standard Kit: $18,000

The Base Kit Includes:

  4130 Chromoly Steel Welded Fuselage with Integrated Vertical Stabilizer                   
•    4130 Chromoly Steel Welded Rudder                                                                           
•    4130 Chromoly Steel Landing Gear with Shocks                                                           
•    4130 Chromoly Steel Welded “Gull Wing” Door Frames                                                 
•    4130 Chromoly Steel Welded Horizontal Stabilizer                                                       
•    Adjustable Rudder Pedals                                                                                             
•    Fiberglass Glass Seats                                                                                                   
•    W
indshield and Side Windows (Lexan)                                                                         
•    Cabin Skylight (Lexan)                                                                                               
•    Molded Fiberglass Two-Piece Engine Cowling                                                           
•    Push - Pull Aluminum Elevator Control Tube                                                             
•    Three Spar Wing with Webbed Aluminum Main Spar (Aeropup Unique Feature)           

•    Stainless Steel Horizontal Stabilizer Braces

•    Fuel Tanks
•    Wheels and Brakes

Builder Provided or Kit Add-ons:


•    Engine and Engine Accessories
•    Avionics
•    Covering Materials
•    Interior Upholstery and Side Panels (If Desired)
•    Paint and Corrosion Control  Solutions
•    A passion for building and Flying!


An American Kit - Aeropup USA

Wing Spar End Photo.jpg

Unique Web Spar - Incredible Strength, Lightweight

Tools and all hardware required for building can be purchased from Fielden Aero - Your one stop shop for all things Aeropup!

Pilot Door Clecoed (Close up).jpg
logo aeropup usa SMAL.jpg
Undercarriage Installed.jpg
Mounted ll.jpg
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