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Awesome time at Oshkosh  '23 thanks for everyone that stopped by.


Welcome to the Aeropup!  The best little two-place airplane around. The Aeropup is a rugged, extremely safe "fly anywhere" airplane and one of the lowest price kits in the market.  The kit is only $18,000 (an introductory price) and can be flying for as little as $50,000 and 500 hours of build time.                           


The updated version of the Aeropup Flyer is available for download.

Key Features:

* Folding Wings - Can be towed from Garage to Airport

* Computer aided manufacturing - precisely machined parts at low cost

* Perfect Safety Record - Over 60 Aeropups flying without a single accident

* Incredibly Safe - Rugged steel cage fuselage and wings

* Outback Ready - Easily fly this airplane anywhere

* Wide Body Fuselage - 44 inch wide comfortably fits two people 6ft 4in tall

Kits starting at an incredible low price of $18,000  

We are now offering firewall forward packages, Hardware kits, and Avionics at a discounted price!

20230404_110647 (2).jpg
Aeropup flying in Australia built by Bruce Bailey 

          This remarkable airplane originates from Australia and is very popular in the "Land Down Under" with popularity increasing across America.  The ultra safe Aeropup is a super fun and very affordable two seat airplane comprised of a rugged steel tube fuselage and three-spar can fly this bird anywhere!  The kit is fun to build and suited for all builder types - from first time "never touched a screw driver" types to the well experienced. 

20220410_185003 (2).jpg

Folding Wings

Tow from your garage to the airport


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