Safe, Rugged, Fun, Reliable and Low-Cost

The Aeropup is a fully customizable experimental-amateur built kit perfectly suited for first time and experienced aircraft builders.  The Aeropup is a high performing high wing STOL aircraft with exceptional, performance, comfort, and payload not matched by today's LSA.  The Aeropup is, simply, exciting to fly!  It's very responsive and exceptionally well-coordinated controls makes for a real fun and engaging aircraft capable of operating from the hortest and roughest strips while cruising at 100 knots.  (Click to Download latest Info Flyer)

A special feature of this unique aircraft is the use of a webbed spar.  This spar provides incredible strength at much light weights compared to traditional wing spars.  Scroll down for video descriptions.


The Aeropup has large control surfaces for agile, responsive direct and precise control...Perfect for training and easy relaxing flying. Can operate with many different engines including Rotax, Jabiru, VW, D-Motors and more...

   Length                                                   19.8 ft

   Wing Span                                             29.9 ft

   Wing Area                                            108.3 sq ft

   Wing Chord                                              4.0 ft

   Dihedral                                                    2.0 Degrees

   Max Speed                                           130 Knots

   Cruise Speed                                        100 Knots

   Stall Speed (with Flaps)                          36 Knots

   Rate of Climb                                   700 - 1800 ft/min        

   Empty Weight*                                       683 lbs  

   Max Weight                                          1200 lbs

   Fuel Capacity                                           24 gal

   Fuel Burn*                                              3 - 5 gal/hr

  * Actual specs vary with options and engine type

Aeropup-Aircraft-Build (Lg).jpg

Folding Wings - Can Store Airplane in Garage and then Tow to Airport - No Hangar Required!

Two-Car Garage Simple
Garage Simple
Main Wing Spar
Main Wing Spar