Wishing all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.   This year will be a BIG year for Fielden Aero as we launch the the sales of our first Aeropup Kit at Sun-n-Fun 2021.  Challenges brought on by Covid-19, from health and economic perspectives, have made Fielden Aero stronger and more resilient than ever.  We've got Australia's newest Aeropup in the air, and the next one to fly should be here in the USA.  We will be updating our web site to provide a wealth of new and updated info on this awesome airplane and kit..so check back often.  Also, we regularly post updates on our Face Book page      regarding our kit production and building of the first Aeropup to fly in the USA.    


Reach out to us (or me: Don Fielden, dfielden@fieldenaero.com or phone 540-229-5528) and I'll talk your ear off about all the goodness that is Aeropup.

About the AeropupThis remarkable airplane originates from Australia and is very popular in the "Land Down Under", with popularity increasing across America.  The ultra safe Aeropup is a super fun and very affordable two seat airplane comprised of a rugged steel tube fuselage and three-spar wing...you can fly this bird anywhere!  The kit is fun to build and suited for all builder types - from first time "never touched a screw driver" types to the well experienced. 

Kits starting at an incredible low price of $18,000  Best deal in Aviation Today!  First Kit Deliveries Scheduled for Spring 2021

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Aeropup's remarkable features include folding wings (that's right...you can store this beauty in your garage), CNC formed steel tube fuselage, options for tricycle or conventional landing gear and has a perfect safety record (over 60 flying in other countries).

Contact Us Anytime  (We love talking about this plane!) dfielden@FieldenAero.com

Phone: 540-229-5528

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