Feb 19

Aileron Riveting Complete


Hello All, Completed the aileron for the Aeropup USA. Note this aileron uses countersunk rivets. This is certainly not necessary as regular rivets are perfectly fine. However, I elected to go with countersunk rivets for cosmetics reasons...and maybe the Aeropup will fly 0.0005 knots fast without the drag of regular rivets.







I presume you had to drill holes and d burr according to the measurement marks you have on aileron

Feb 20

HI Mark, that is correct. I marked the locations for holes on skin and the drilled pilot holes. I then drew center lines on the ribs and aligned with pilot holes on skin. I then matched drilled using #40 bit and clecoed in place. Finally, drilling/reaming to #30 holes. Next step was to debur all holes, countersink (all but four holes), corrosion proof and rivet.

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