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Our Kitplane production occurs in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  Specifically, the fuselages and main wing spars are formed and welded in Australia, the lift struts are made in New Zealand with the remaining items are manufactured here in the US.   This provides for the most cost-effective processes ensuring high quality manufacturing while keeping kit costs amongst the lowest in the US for this type of airplane.  However, Australia has endured lengthy lock-downs because of Covid virus, and these lockdowns remain in effect today.  These lockdowns significantly limits the availability of the workforce necessary to assemble our fuselages.  However, there is good news on the horizon...we estimate completing the first batch of fuselages by the end of Jan 2022, which means the Aeropup kits will be available for shipping in the US beginning June 2022 (dependent upon overseas shipping availability).    We are getting close.....  

Thank you so much for being patient with us...these are interesting times...but we will always keep alive the joys of building and flying!

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